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Voracious Reader & Audiobook Listener.

Comedian In My Own Mind 🙂

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Hi, I’m Jay.

After my best friend passed away in 2015, it left me asking the question, “Do you want to go to the grave with music still in your heart?” , so I became a man on a mission wanting to become the best version of me.

Beginning to attending top business and marketing conferences, investing tens of thousands of dollars on high end courses and coaching, trying to find the “Secret” to business success.

What I discovered from top players was they weren’t smarter than me, didn’t go to a better school than me, or even have a more effective product than me BUT they did one thing better…

Found a way to move forward in the face of fear.

Using their outdated sales tactics that relied on over hype, fear, and more pressure than the butt of a 30-something year old man trying to pull his wallet out the pocket of some skinny jeans (oops told on myself).

Got results but didn’t feel great inside about it and was frustrated.

Because I didn’t connect with their out of touch, non heart-centered, all about the dollar, step on people to get to the top mentality.

So I created a connection-building approach to creating sales funnels, writing emails, and advertisements that sell – without renting a Rolls-Royce OR a 25-room mansion on Airbnb saying it’s yours just to make a dollar.

And here’s what I realized:

With this kind of connection-building approach to sales funnels and sales copy, you no longer have to choose between being uniquely you or generating LOTS of revenue.

Instead, you can actually have BOTH and distinguish yourself in the marketplace.

And once you’ve been authentically you when showcasing how you can help someone, you’ll connect and establish a relationship based on trust and integrity.

This is how you build authority and have people chasing you instead of you chasing people to work with you.

Nowadays, I help my clients increase their revenue, attract more of their dream clients, and create a business they can be proud of — with a connection-building approach to sales funnels and sales copy. 

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Talk soon,

Jay Crutchfield

Some of Our Brands Online Include

3 New Clients in 2 Days!

“Jay is amazing. I just got three new clients in two days after implementing his strategies. He helped break down limiting beliefs I had about my service offering. I don’t know about you but sometimes I get trapped in analysis paralysis. That continued “what-if” circular logic. Jay got me off the merry-go-round and focused on a path to success, landing clients in the process. If you’re thinking about working with Jay, do it!”

Bianca J. Jackson, LinkedIn Expert, Speaker & Trainer

100% Business Clarity and Growth Plan!

Wish I had Jay’s excellent guidance on digital marketing years ago when I first got into business and struggled to set up my first website. He has saved me countless hours. Even now, as a “veteran layman” I still learned valuable nuggets from his guidance. As a business and CEO coach I often see people jumping into execution (such as creating a website or getting into social media marketing) and spending lots of time without a solid plan. Jay’s words on strategic planning are a powerful antidote to that. I love how easy it is to understand and follow along his well-structured flow. His examples are powerful. Got to love the Honeybear strategy! Work with him – you will be happy you did!

– Dr Stephie Althouse, Business Coach

I scheduled a session with Jay to discuss ways to use a speaking engagement to connect with my ideal client. Jay listened to my current methods and thoughts surrounding what I would discuss. Afterwards, he walked me through a step-by-step process to determine potential offerings and get an email list started which was one of my current business goals. I left my session confident in sharing my message and interacting with my ideal client. If you are looking to increase client engagement and gain clarity about your message to maximize future speaking opportunities then you should reach out asap.”

Enrolled 1 New Client in Less Than 24 Hours!

– Dr Jessie Talley, Speaker and Professor